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The Hellenic Private Hospitals Association represents the largest private clinics which offer high-end healthcare services throughout the country.
private health sector complements the public health sector but also cover surgeries and medical history of high technology can not meet the public becoming key factor in ensuring public health in Greece.
Its members are among the largest employers in Greece and among the biggest contributors to the Greek economy; they are actively supporting the needs of the state healthcare system.
The private sector employs directly more than 25,000 workers, it maintains more than 30,000 job positions through indirect collaborations and invests in the viable growth of new infrastructures, new medical protocols and new technologies.
The private sector covers 39% of the country's healthcare services and is averting the "brain drain" that's been plaguing our country during these times; by keeping valuable scientists here, it contributes significantly to Greece’s GDP and is making it a destination for medical tourism.